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E-mail: amministrazione@giulianosrl.info
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Our company, which has UNI EN 1090 certification, is able to meet all the needs of clients and their professionals, following them step by step. Thanks to our valid team of engineers, we can offer an excellent service in the field of the design of sheds and buildings, providing our customers with: 

  • Technical, structural and internal preventive design consultations;
  • Calculation design using the latest generation of calculation software in accordance with the regulations in force with the issue of the seismic calculation report;
  • Construction design using 3D structural modelling programmes (Advance steel) which, after structural modelling, are able to extract all the standard workshop construction drawings, part marking and assembly drawings in 3D with all the part numbering to facilitate the assembly phases; 
  • Assistance by our technicians on site with surveys, tracing and verification of the installation dimensions of the structures;
  • Prefabrication of all the components of the steel structures in our factories using the latest generation of automated machinery;
  • Protective treatments of the structures (hot galvanisation according to UNI EN ISO 1461, painting, special paints, intumescent paints);
  • Assembly of the structures with our own means of work and/or using special means necessary for any type of construction;
  • After-sales assistance.